We’re a little more than 1 week away from ODSC and Ai+ Training’s Data Engineering Summit on January 18th and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some of the sessions you’ll experience during the event. Check them out below. 

Streaming Featurization with Ibis, Substrait, and Apache Arrow

Wes Mckinney | CTO and Cofounder | Voltron Data and David Palaitis | Managing Director | Two Sigma

Join this session to learn about how Two Sigma and Voltron Data have leveraged their areas of expertise to collaborate and improve the performance of featurization workflows using the Ibis, Substrait, and Arrow software stack. 

Leveraging Data in Motion in a Cloud-first World

Jun Rao | Co-founder | Confluent

Discover the origin story for Apache Kafka, the de-facto standard for event streaming platforms in enterprise architectures. This session will cover how it was invented, the problem it wanted to solve, and how it evolved. You will also learn about the opportunities created by Kafka Cloud. 

Applying Engineering Best Practices in Data Lakes Architectures

Einat Orr | Ceo and Co-Founder | Treeverse

In this talk, you’ll examine why agile methodology, continuous integration, and continuous deployment and production monitoring are essential for data lakes. You’ll see how these best practices create a safe environment that produces higher-quality data in less time.

Spark, Cloud, DBT, Data Warehouses etc.

Navdeep Kaur | Big Data/Devops/Cloud Corporate Trainer

During this session, you will explore current data engineering trends and why the industry should, and the ways in which it is, moving toward a new data stack. 

Thrive in the Data Tooling Tornado: Lead, Hire, and Execute Better by Escaping Older Industrial Antipatterns

Adam Breindel | Independent Consultant

Join this talk to learn why the challenges faced by data tooling products are the result of outdated anti-patterns held over from the 20th-century industry. You’ll also look at solutions that make it easier for data teams to hire, manage, retain, and execute effectively using modern data tooling — all while gaining that sought-after efficiency.

Demystifying Data Mesh – Tackling Common Misconceptions about Data Mesh

Wannes Rosiers | Product Manager | Ratio

As data mesh becomes more popular, understanding of its core concepts has diminished. In this session, you will learn about the common misconceptions around data mesh and will explain what it is at its core. 

Data-Planning to Implementation

Balaji Raghunathan | VP of Digital Experience | ITC Infotech

Join this session to explore how businesses can leverage fast data, big data, modern and traditional data to make decisions, and realize value. You’ll get a strategic perspective to the “why, what, where, when, how, and whom” of data management across the industry.

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